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I wrote this page back in 1998, it hasn't been edited at all since 2003 and not much then. It comes as it is and will not be updated.

Some of the downloads don't work on newer Windows systems, and some come up as possible viruses in newer scanners although I don't believe they actually are.

You might be interested in my new page:


Welcome to my homepage. Here you will find a wealth of little games and toys. Almost all silly, almost all pointless, almost all brilliant fun, not to mention pretty!! This is a work in progress at present, as you can see, and it currently breaks under netscape I believe. Which is just as it should be. Get a real browser.

This is my first excursion into the world of HTML, and so this page is currently less than elegant. I shall include all of my games and screen mates and miscellaneous things that I have collected during my travels through the world of the web. I shall include screenshots and some explanations, plus links etc. All the normal stuff.
I shall not, under any circumstances be including, say, the frog in the blender. I'm sorry, but it's gross. You'll have to find it elsewhere!

I hereby dedicate this website to Graham Bell and Nicki Cooper-Harvey. Without your irrepressible sense of humour, Graham, and your priceless cluelessness, Nicki, my quotes page would be dead in the water. This is also dedicated to Sarah Gunn for her admirable dedication to games and toys that keeps me in business.
So, thanks, guys!


Sleepy Sheepy

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My Links Page Bored? Much amusement to be had here.

How to tell if your Cow has mad cow disease! (Courtesy of Jonathan Keeling)

Alien Song: this is quite incredibly funny. Download NOW.

My hamsters! Awwww!


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