Laura's Second Screenmate Page

These screenmates are the ones I, well, just don't like mostly. I like the little animal ones, and these are people, mostly. They lack the cuteness element. Some are mildly diverting, however, and I'm willing to concede some people really like them, so here they are for your viewing pleasure.


It is, apparently, the lid to a 7up bottle(?). It sort of beetles around the screen. Fascinating (note sarcasm).


It's a little girl who thinks she's an angel. Very sweet. Very... angelic. But intensely dull. And she's too bloody cheerful all the time.


She runs across the screen shouting things. Apparently it's humourous.


Computer graphic style from days long gone. Follows the pointer. Again, BORING!


Oh, Alright, I confess. This one's grown on me. It's a bouncer at the ministery of sound. It says things and you can change it's mood!


These come from that makers of the bouncer, and are apparently his pets. They interact on a basic level (as in they recognise one another's presence) and with the bouncer too. They commit suicide in various entertaining new ways...


He's a wierd little guy. He runs around in a red cape looking sort of sinister.


No, don't see the point. He's a bit like the Catking. He fights and juggles, and his hat leaps and hangs suspended in the air in a most unlikely fashion.


Old man with a cane, a pipe, a handgun and an evil laugh. Nothing to do with the adventures of Timon and Pumba. Sadly. I feel they could improve the program.


Anime girl with a mop (of green hair) and unreadable speech bubbles. Unreadable to me with my English operating system, anyway.


He's a slow old man, dressed like a caveman. He does exciting thing


It's an orange. As in, the fruit. It rolls across the screen and splats. Killer.


A master of disguise. Of two disguises, anyway.

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